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Windows Security

Window security is as necessary as it is to have secure doors. It is often unsecured windows that burglars use to get in to your home. We only compare prices of the most responsible double glazing suppliers for your home, and make it our responsibility to find you the deal that’s safe and right for you!

Whether it is casement windows, tilt and turn windows, sliding sash windows, or bow and bay windows, we only work with suppliers who provide all of them with fittings that ensure the security of your home.


Why is Window Security Important?

We all lock our doors and windows at night and before we leave our home. This is because we don’t want intruders to find an easy way into our home.

The reason is that burglars will often use a window in a quiet corner to break in rather than the front door. This is why you need strong windows with proper security features. New uPVC windows can give you that level of security.


How do You Ensure Window Security?

First and foremost, our priority is to find you the best deal on strong windows that can’t be damaged easily. We compare the prices of accredited suppliers that accomplish this by only providing you with high-quality uPVC windows. This material is known for its strength and durability. This is why it’s the preferred material for most UK homes.

Additionally, your double glazing is installed with all the safety features in place. Well-installed double glazing is not easy to break or tamper with, making your window a difficult target for burglars.

Our suppliers provide double glazing that is fitted into beaded frames. As a result, the glass cannot be removed from the outside. The only way to get the glass off is to break it, which is noisy. However, if you go one step further and choose reinforced glass, it is not very easy to break either!

As security is key, your windows will be fitted with concealed hardware. This means that the hinges and the operational gearing will not be accessible from the outside. As a result, the window cannot simply be dismantled.

While these are important window security features, the most important security options are always the locking systems.

Multi-Point Locking Systems

Multi-Point locking systems secure your window at multiple points. The locking side sash is fitted with expanding bolts, and shoot-bolts on the top and bottom frames. Finally, the hinged side is reinforced with anti-tampering bolts.

Key Locks

Key locks allow you to enhance your window security by locking the window when not in use. The fully accredited suppliers can offer a selection of key locks from reputed companies. As a result, once your windows are locked, they are not easily opened.

Automatic Locking Handles

Automatic locking handles are security fittings that use anti-pushback hooks, magnetic triggers and auto-blocking hooks, to lock the sash as soon as you shut it. This way, you are assured that when your window is shut, it is also locked!

Superior Hinge Locks

Hinge locks or hinge bolts are attached to the hinge side of the window. These slide into a slot in the frame when you close the sash. This way, they provide reinforcement to the hinge so that the frame cannot be pushed or kicked out.

Secure Roller Cams

Roller cams are generally used for a tighter weather seal. However, because they help in sealing the window snugly against the frame, they also act as a window security feature. There is no space for break-in tools to fit.

Night Vent Position Option

The night vent position allows your window to remain open a crack without actually remaining unlocked or open. Installation teams install a second locking system next to the original lock so that the window is not completely shut when locked.

Windows Security Systems Benefits

All of the window security features offered by our accredited partners are designed to give you superior safety and protection in your home. In fact, these security upgrades can get your home the complete all-round protection it needs!

We bear in mind a host of window security features during our pricing process so that you can pick the ones that suit your needs perfectly. Do you need perfectly sealed windows? Go for our roller cams. Do you like ventilation? Maybe a night vent position option is the right one for you.

Do you like to lock doors and windows every night? Get some key locks installed. Not sure if you’ll remember to lock your windows? Sounds like you want to look at automatic locking handles! Whatever you may need to secure your home from intruders, we can find the price and supplier for you.


Windows Security Fitting Prices

If you are looking for extra protection for your home, we can find you window security prices that are affordable and easy to get! When you start using our online window quoting system, simply select ‘high security’ from the drop-down menu in step 1.

However, if you have questions and need more information, contact us or give us a call at 0800 954 8085.


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